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Ashish LFW S/S 2014

Sunday, 15 September 2013
I was lucky enough to snag tickets to LFW S/S 2014. So on Saturday afternoon I found myself at Somerset House waiting to see the Ashish show with a lovely friend of mine. We spotted Ellie Goulding, Amber Atherton and Pheobe Lettice from MIC among the guests... well I should say my friend spotted, I walked past Robbie Williams in 1998 and didn't even notice #headintheclouds.

What did we see? Sequins. We saw A LOT of sequins. There were sequins on everything. The effect was similar to what would happen if you gave a group of under-five girls unlimited access to glitter and glue. I mean, they were everywhere... the last time I saw this many sequins it was the 1980's and my face got scratched up as I clung to Mummy begging her not to go out. She was channeling Dallas and succeeding FYI.

Once my eyes had adjusted to the sparkle there was a whole lot more to take in. Tribal accessories in muted bronze and silver toned down the glitzy effect and the clothes were not just distressed they were destroyed. The ethnic look was also mirrored by the make-up, enormous Egyptian style eye-liner swept across the model's eyes and hair was coloured like a spray painted tiger. It was an arresting combination. Did I mention the bags? No? They were cool, but 100% marmite. You're either going to love or hate them, there is no 'meh' here. See for yourself.

For me, the big question when it comes to fashion is 'can I and would I wear it?' If it's no, then it's a fail. Not the case here. Ok, I'm not going to do the school run dressed head to toe in sequins, gauze and a tribal crown but I love the colourful stripes, the chevrons, the monochrome and the urban glamour of it all and did you notice the shoes? Bejewelled slippers, not a heel in sight... slippers at the school gate? Well I can't rule it out.

What do you think?

Em x

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