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Half-term Activities

Friday, 25 October 2013
Just as we've settled into a routine BOOM! In your face!! Yeah, I'm a half-term holiday and I'm coming to your house. Fear me... Well I say back in your box half-term chaos. Don't even think about getting rowdy, I am prepared for you.

First off, a nifty bit of shoe shopping (for the kids, of course). Followed by some fast food action and a movie. Who's your Mummy? Yeah, me and I ROCK!!!! This is usually where it starts to go wrong, the last time I went to the cinema solo with Bella and Bear, Bear pooped in his trousers mid-film. Sadly I was experiencing a parenting fail that day and had no change of clothes for him, so we did naked cinema. Yep, that happened. So, like I said I am prepared this time... they are spending the week with their Dad. Overseas. On his request. I'll miss them.

Before I found out about my get out of jail free card I had started to compile a list of things we could do that would be fun, creative and not too expensive. I was going to throw a little Halloween party for Bella and Bear and invite our neighbour's children, so pumpkin decorating was high up on the list. I didn't like the idea of Bear getting his hands on knives or pumpkin carving equipment though so I decided painting the pumpkins could be just as fun. Check out my Pinterest Halloween Inspiration board here. There are loads of holiday appropriate ideas from simple crafts with paper plates to spider inspired cupcakes and of course a whole bunch of painted pumpkins to admire.

One of my favourite activities at this time of year is to go for a walk on a sunny (I'll settle for rain free) day. If you take a plastic bag or two with you the kids can collect the fallen leaves, dry them out at home to make garlands and cards for Thanksgiving. One of my favourite places to walk near London in October is RHS Wisley. The trees are stunning and all the fresh air and exercise is the perfect antidote for cabin fever. Even better still, they have a half-term program designed to engage children with storytelling, music workshops as well as scratch and sniff craft activities. You can find out more about it here. If you live in the UK and London is too far for you to travel to, have a look at the RHS website for gardens in your area.

Another great resource is the local theatre. Many will put on activities specifically for children over half-term. We go to the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon, last time we went to see a 'Charlie & Lola' puppet show, it was very engaging. My hot tip... bring cash for the interlude. 

The list of activities you can do is pretty endless there are museums, the aquarium, skating rinks, bowling, the beach, theme parks, petting zoo's, those terrifying soft play centers; if you do any or (if you're gunning for a mother-of-the-year award) all of these activities over half-term, you can give yourself a well earned pat on the back accompanied by a glass of wine. If you don't, hey don't sweat it. Kids need time-out to recharge too. A day in pajama's playing tent fort's is awesome. As for me, well I'm off to the spa. Please don't hate me.

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