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Hardly there at all

Thursday, 24 October 2013
When I moved to America in 2011 I didn't think I'd be coming back, at least not for a good ten years, or so. So when I moved into 'the most enormous house ever' I furnished it with large, sorry make that oversized pieces of furniture. What can I say? I was in the land of bigger is better and for the record I loved it. Oversized cars are cool. I never had to worry about boot space and I could fit a 15ft Christmas tree on the roof. I digress, the point is I didn't need to think too much about where or how things would fit into a space as there was so much space available.

Ahhhh America...

Fast forward three years and I'm back in my more modest house in London, clearly space is at a premium. One of the things I bought in the US is a super kingsize bed. It. Is. Enormous. My amazing moving people managed to get it upstairs and into the master bedroom in London and for the last six months that's all that has been in my bedroom. One big-ass bed. The reason for this is simple, nothing else will fit in there. This made me sad. It felt like the room had no personality and I really object to sitting on the floor to put my make-up on. It also made accessorizing outfits harder as everything was hidden inside the built-in wardrobes, hey I like a visual reference. I thought (a lot) about how to address this problem. A chest of drawers wasn't going to work, neither were shelves. In the end the answer was simple. A console table.

The 'Super King'

The trouble is, console tables are usually found in a hallway or a stylish dining room, not a bedroom. This made the search a little more challenging as I wanted something that would blend in, almost float against the wall, in fact something that was hardly there at all but at the same time would be sturdy without being bulky. It also had to co-ordinate with the colour scheme. So, I opted for glass and I love the result.

My 'hardly there' glass console table

The view

Being a lovely helpful sort I made a note of all beautiful pieces I came across while I was doing my search and here, for you, is my pick of the best console tables around. What made them stand out from among all the other tables? They have personality... happy me.

Left: Heal's Right: Garden Trading
Left: The French Bedroom Company Right: The White Lighthouse
Left: The Dormy House Right: The White Lighthouse
Left: The French Bedroom Company Right: John Lewis

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