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Make the Bed

Wednesday, 16 October 2013
Today I am well rested. This is a good thing because when I'm tired it's not just that I'm grumpy or that I got out of the bed on the wrong side... Oh no, it's a much more complex and explosive situation. I fly off the handle at nothing and then grumble because I know I'm being unreasonable. I also trip over stuff, a lot, but the worst thing about being tired is that I never, ever seem to get anything done. Yes I know I should just go to bed earlier, but I'm a night owl and it's pretty hard to fight a natural tendency to stay up late. 

So, what to do? Well I try to make my bedroom and bed a place that I want to go to. For me, first off, this means it has to be tidy. After all, piles of clothes on the floor and a hairdryer cord casually strewn about are just more trip hazards to avoid, although it is interesting to see what's under the bed when I do accidentally face plant into the carpet. Last time I discovered a science project of Bear's which I will entitle 'The Mummified Lime'.

There are so many ways to make a bedroom comfortable and a bed inviting, but I think the main one is simple... Make the bed. A friend of mine has a rule, which is 'last one out makes the bed'. I think it's excellent. Not sure it would help to tip me out in the morning, but I like it nonetheless. 

If you're thinking of updating your bedroom I hope you'll find this inspiring, if you'd like more ideas check out Bella & Bear on Pinterest too. I've added a list of links to companies that stock beautiful bed linen and are having a mid-season sale or a offering a discount right now at the end of the post. Ooh and please send me pics if you do a makeover, I'd love to see them.

Linens l to r: John LewisAnthropologie

Linens l to r: Jigsaw & Joules


  1. Hey! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award : )

    1. Thank you SO much Cali, I'm enormously flattered!


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