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Pajama Party

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
When I'm out I always try to be polite. I smile at people with whom I make eye contact, I thank the staff in bars and restaurants and I take great care to say excuse me as I make my way through a crowded room. It's shame not everyone is so inclined, for this weekend as I was out enjoying birthday festivities with my lovely cousin I came across what I can only describe as a drunken braying ass. Perhaps my opinion wouldn't have been quite so harsh if said ass hadn't commented loudly and repeatedly to his friend as he gesticulated in my direction "Is she wearing pajamas?" 

I can only conclude that this is the universe's way of mocking my own pretentious ass-like tendencies, because honestly, who poses for a photo wearing sunglasses indoors? I don't even have the excuse of being drunk at the time.

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie Coat: Anthropologie Shoes: Zara Sunglasses: By Marc Jacobs Jewelery: Vintage Belt: from a selection at Feather & Stitch.

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  1. I love the bold print :) Great outfit for the season,that coat looks lovely and warm xx


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