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Rice Krispie Cakes

Tuesday, 15 October 2013
Today is my Dad's birthday and Bear decided he wanted to make a cake for Grandpa... he's clearly forgotten that Grandpa has set sail to the Italian/ Croatian Rivieras for his birthday so he won't be able to pop by for cake. Rather than point this out, I decided to just go with it and suggested we make Rice Krispy Cakes. Bear was pleased.

The recipe is courtesy of the BBC Good Food website with a substitution of rice krispies for cornflakes and the addition of mini-marshmallows because I just couldn't resist them.

You will need:
100g rice krispies
50g butter (I used unsalted)
100g chocolate (in small pieces)
3tbls golden syrup
Cupcake cases

Heat the butter, chocolate and golden syrup slowly in a pan stirring continuously. When they have combined to form a smooth liquid allow it cool for a few minutes before pouring the chocolate mixture over the rice krispies. Mix until the rice krispies are evenly coated, then add the marshmallows. If you add the marshmallows to the chocolate while the mixture is hot they will dissolve (as I found out). Lay out the cupcake cases on a baking tray and spoon in the chocolate coated krispies. Bear and I decided to sprinkle mini-chocolate krispies and strawberry glimmer crunch over the top of the cakes too. Once you're done pop them into the fridge to set.

We're going to enjoy ours after school with milk. I may even stick a candle in Bella and Bear's in honour of Grandpa's special day.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Cookie Daddy.

  2. These cakes look ever so yummy! I'm wanting to make some myself.
    Thank you so much for nominating me for the versatile blogger award, that's so lovely of you!



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