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Tulip Fever

Wednesday, 2 October 2013
Not many people see the link between gardening and fashion. I mean it would seem more than a little ridiculous to garden in a pair of Valentino pumps or to turn up to a posh dinner date in wellies with a trug instead of a handbag... but if you think about it in terms of the seasonality, the speed with which colours fall in and out of favour, the importance of planning in order to put on a good show and the ruthlessness with which gardens and wardrobes are edited to suit personal taste; well it seems to me that  they are simply two sides of the same coin, creativity.

Tulips have been en vogue since the 1600's, in fact Tulip Mania reached it's peak in March 1637 when a single tulip bulb could be sold for more than ten times the average annual wage of a skilled craftsmen (not unlike today's luxury fashion and accessory goods)... aren't facts great?! 

Anyway, if you want the wow factor in your garden come spring NOW is the time to plant them. Generally the advice is to plant bulbs twice as deep as the bulb itself, this means about four to five inches deep for most tulips. If you have wet soggy clay soil it's worth putting a little sand or grit under the bulb to prevent it rotting over winter. Do pay attention to the eventual height of the plants as well as when they will flower because with careful planning it is possible to have tulips in the garden from March through May. If you want to see the best tulip display in the world, visit the Keukenhof in Holland, it's a feast for the eyes.

I always plant white tulips in my garden; growing-up, my Dad planted them under my window every autumn and every spring up they would come to flower just around my birthday in mid-April. They make me smile. So, here's my pick of my favourite tulips for your garden next spring as well a little fashion inspiration too.

Which will you choose?

Love Em x

Nail Varnish: Butter London. Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company. Tulips: similar here

Look 1: Celine. Bag: Givenchy. Shoes: Converse. Tulips: similar here.

Look 1: Tom Ford. Scarf: Etsy. Necklace: Jolita Jewelry. Bag: Celine. Tulips: similar here.
Coat: Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes: Valentino. Bag: Chanel. Tulips: similar here.
Tulip: similar here.

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