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Crushing on River Island...

Thursday, 7 November 2013
I am falling back in love with River Island. If you read my post last month about Tibi you will already be aware that I am jonesing for a full midi-length skirt (they've just added some divine new arrivals to the Tibi collection fyi, oh the paint splatter!). Anyway, last weekend my quest brought me to River Island. The store I visited was great but as I had Bella and Bear with me I couldn't spend the requisite hours going through the racks and trying on everything that caught my eye. So later that evening accompanied by a rather lovely (and large) glass of Barolo I sat down to examine the website. Oooooo-eeeee!! I have been blown away by this season's collection, it's not just on-trend it's fashion forward. I encourage you, my lovely readers, to go and have a gander for yourself, click here to link to the website.

Now, I have a big life event coming up... My divorce will be finalised in the coming weeks and to mark the occasion I am hitting Soho with a few very close friends. I toyed with the idea of wearing my wedding dress (well it's only been worn once people!) but then decided against it as I would like to embrace this new chapter looking forward and not back. So, I simply had to pick out a new outfit and where better than from my new crush? It's a little racy (lace and thigh high boots) but the skirt keeps the look demure and on the right side of sexy. 

Coat, skirt, lace-body, boots and bag all by River Island.
Crushing on River Island


  1. I'm sorry you're going through a divorce. :( But, I love that you are keeping your spirits up, and this outfit will be awesome on you!!

    1. Thanks Teri, it's been tough but the end is in sight :) The outfit arrived yesterday... let's just say I'm REALLY looking forward to next weekend now!


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