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Is skirt off sick?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Helen Fielding really does write very amusing characters. Who can forget Bridget's new year resolutions? Or (in the film adaptation) the view as she slides down the pole? I adore Bridget Jones, always have, always will and there have been times when I've felt as though my life is a parody of the same, although never really quite as laughable. At least not at the time. Then, I bought a teeny-tiny leather mini-skirt...

I haven't dared wear it without tights yet. The thought of someone getting an eyeful as I stride up the stairs at Clapham Junction is as horrifying as it is mischievous. In fact the first time I wore this skirt I spent most of the evening standing for fear it would ride up beyond polite boundaries if I attempted to sit. I also repeated this mantra to myself over and over on the way to the train station "if you drop it, leave it".  All well and good until the vodka starts flowing. I awoke the following morning with the distinct impression that the skirt had misbehaved.

Skirt: Asos Sweater: River Island Coat: Anthropologie Boots: Kurt Geiger Belt: from a selection at Feather & Stitch Necklace: River Island Watch: Bell & Ross


  1. That skirt with those boots!!! So cute! I love it. Looks great! Thanks for sharing (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Thanks!! I'm falling in love with these boots... they seem to go with everything/ make an outfit more than the sum of it's parts x

  2. Suggest management sick, not skirt! Haha I'm a big fan of Bridget Jones too. Have you read her latest book? I haven't yet... anyway, I like the outfit here, esp the pretty necklace :)

  3. Yay Quinn!! Bridget forever! I have the book on my bedside table but I haven't started it yet because I know I won't be able to put it down once I do. I have to get my ducks in a row first! I love the necklace too, it ties with ribbons which is an unexpected touch x


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