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Le Divorce

Wednesday, 20 November 2013
I am reliably informed that 'bootcut' style trousers are making a comeback. Love them or loathe them, it is hard to deny that a bootcut is infinitely more flattering for most female figures than the skinny style we have been squeezing into for the past decade. Not only does a bootcut provide balance of form for women on the curvier side of the shape spectrum, it also completely rids the wearer of problematic cankle issues. The thing is bootcut trousers are now synonymous in our psyche with 'mum clothes'. Think about it, when was the last time you saw someone sporting an edgy bootcut? This leads me to another question I'm struggling with, did the bootcut ever really go away or was it more a case of the fashion elite choosing to divorce themselves from a look that had became eponymous with middle aged middle class style?

So how to wear this re-emerging look? It goes without saying that ankle-swayers are a huge no-no. Bootcut trousers really should be worn long, finishing at mid-heel is acceptable for wedges, ankle boots and stilettos but they really should just skim the floor, this is especially important for flats. The visual effect in either case is to lengthen the leg, not crop it.  I would suggest trying a higher waistline than that to which you are usually accustomed for a more modern look, particularly if you are shorter as this will also visually elongate your limbs leading to an extremely flattering silhouette which shows off your bottom and eliminates muffin-top, clearly a win-win. Darker shades are slimming, but with white being a key trend this spring a pair of white bootcut trousers seems like an easy way to encompass both moods stylishly. I would mention it is normal practice to have bootcut trousers tailored for length, it's inexpensive and ensures a perfect fit but I've been seeing a lot of style bloggers hacking away at hemlines recently leaving a tattered and frayed look to the bottom of trousers; so don't be afraid to customize your own at home.

I don't think I'm ready to divorce myself entirely from skinnies yet, but I'm certainly enjoying a flirtation with a wider leg. Check these out for inspiration and click the links to browse.

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  1. While I think the boot cut style was okay, I NEVER enjoyed wearing that style. My body type is a LOT more flattered by a straight cut or skinny jean with high heels and a tunic length dressy shirt. I'm just not someone who will ever be into the boot cut style. :( Great blog though Emma! <3 Teri


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