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Today we made... honeycomb dipped in chocolate

Thursday, 14 November 2013
Is it me or did bloggers have a bit of a bad press day yesterday? Well here's a little something to sweeten any bitter feelings, from me to you with love.

When I'm invited to someone's house for supper or drinks I like to bring a little something to say thanks. Often this is a bottle of wine, but on occasion I have made something more special. Well, this holiday season I am pulling out the stops and have decided to gift lovely hosts and hostesses with homemade treats (as well as wine... I want to be invited back!). So, I thought I'd try a simple treat to start with; something that will look totally dharling in a little cellophane bag tied up with ribbon. This honeycomb dipped in chocolate is perfect and is the perfect accompaniment to coffee at the end of a meal.

You will need:
100g castor sugar (I used golden castor sugar)
4tbsp golden syrup
1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
200g dark chocolate (70 to 75% cocoa solids)

Prepare a baking tray with baking parchment.

Using a heavy bottomed pan stir the castor sugar and golden syrup together on a medium heat (you want the sugar to melt but not burn). Allow the liquid to come to a slight boil and stir continuously. Take the pan off the heat and quickly add the bicarbonate of soda, stir this into the liquid with a wooden spoon. The liquid will froth up rapidly to make the honeycomb. Again quickly add the mixture to the lined baking tray and leave to set at room temperature. Once it has set remove the baking parchment and smash the honeycomb into pieces.

To melt the chocolate, prepare a bain marie (a pan of water with a bowl balanced on top of the pan, do not allow the water to touch the bowl) and start to heat the pan. Put the chocolate pieces into the bowl and stir until all the chocolate is melted. Carefully remove the bowl with the melted chocolate from the pan being mindful of the steam that will be released when you do so.

Dip the honeycomb into the chocolate and place on baking parchment to set. Once set keep cool, or in a fridge for up to a month.

A small caution, one piece will never be enough.


  1. And here I'm trying to be good and not eat anything naughty... this sounds yummy and a fairly easy sweet to make for X-mas :o). Xx

  2. Wow, this sounds soooo good! Unfortunately, I don't know where to find some of these ingredients here in the US. :( OH, I don't know if I told you or not, but I opened a blog page too. I just decided to do a You Tube/Blog combo. :) I can be found here:


    1. Hey Teri, I think a large supermarket would have these things in the baking section although you may need to to take your English-American dictionary with you, I struggled with the names of herbs the whole time I lived there! Off to check out your new blog now, exciting! x


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