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Casual layers

Wednesday, 15 January 2014
Denim: Gap Shoes: Zara (sold out, I love these for spring or try these) Striped top: Joules Shirt: Anthropologie (sold out but I love this one) Jacket: Lily Aldridge Watch: Michael Kors Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators Belt: Mulberry Jewelry: Asos, Lulu Frost, Stella & Dot, Accessorize

During a recent conversation a friend commented that it wasn't just the cold and dark that she dislikes about winter, although that certainly doesn't help. It was more that putting an outfit together becomes harder. I asked her to elaborate and she shrugged and noted that in her opinion in summer it's easier to dress well because all one needs to do is throw on a dress and that's it, outfit complete. I agree in so far as I believe she was verbalising that layering is a bit of an art form. Get it wrong and you end up looking like you got dressed in the dark, but get it right and not only do you look terribly chic, but you're warm too. Bonus!

The key to layering well is to play around with different textures, fabrics, shapes and colours. Pay attention to collars, necklines and the length of a sleeve. Layers needn't add bulk, if this is something that worries you choose a fitted top to start and build from there. You can always belt the last layer to cinch your waistline and create a curvier silhouette. Don't forget about accessories! A scarf works beautifully with the layered look and can help draw the eye to the face. 

Layering may be more time consuming than popping on a dress, but I can guarantee that once you start not only will you be chuffed to bits with the results, you'll also find your wardrobe is worker harder for you too.

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