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Decorating and organising shelves

Friday, 24 January 2014
If your shelves are where you dump odd bits of paper (while they're waiting to be filed of course), or periodicals, or nick-nacs, or the multitude of kids stuff brought home from parties and school that you don't know what to do with; well you may try to ignore them as a matter of course. I have some news for you… they don't have to be this way.

I won't lie to you. I am a natural organiser. My old school friends still tease me about my neat freak habits and it was always a source of amusement to my house mates that my books were in height order,  often grouped by subject. I like order. Over the years this has developed into a discerning appreciation for beautifully arranged shelves. Bella has inherited this sense of 'everything has a place' from me. She rearranges her teddies before bedtime and woe betide the miscreant who has a paw out of place.

My sister noted, the last time she visited that I was the only person she knows who arranges their books by colour. To me it is a natural progression. I organise my wardrobe by item and then by colour so when I slide open the floor to ceiling height doors I am greeted by a rainbow of clothes. It makes dressing simpler and is wonderfully easy on the eye. So I decided to do the same with my books. It makes me smile, it's the literary equivalent of a colour wheel.  

Raw oak shelf ladder by Garden Trading

If you'd like to be inspired by some truly amazing interiors check the Bella & Bear pinterest boards.


  1. I do this!! Mine are arranged in rainbow colour - transitioning from green to blue is the hardest "is the a greeny-blue or a bluey-green!?" x

    1. Yay!! I knew I couldn't be the only one. I think it's greeny-blue until it becomes bluey-green… glad I could help clear that up for you ;) x

  2. Those books look lovely displayed by that.

    1. Thanks Zoe, they're kind of soothing to look at.


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