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On why I'm choosing wellies

Wednesday, 8 January 2014
The latest news from England… it's still raining. Shocker. 

In the bleak days of January when my ass cheeks tighten at the mere thought of venturing outside away from the open fire smoldering happily in the sitting room I need only listen to the constant, high pitched battle between my two adorable children as they thump, yell and snatch the afternoon away to realize that we have to get out. It's cabin fever season and it's not over yet.

Before children (hereafter referred to as BC) when I made an heroic volley into the freezing damp squib that is an English winter I would usually be going somewhere rather nice. A cosy village pub or a civilized stroll through a park, just to blow the cobwebs away and always followed by a monstrously large hot chocolate. So my footwear never needed to be completely weather appropriate. Today it is a different story. It's usually a puddle strewn playground, or a wooded walk with mud pits an adult could drown in. The regularity with which young children stumble, fall into or simply get stuck in the mud is mind boggling and when they are not lying prone in a puddle aghast that it happened AGAIN, they are happily jumping in every single one while simultaneously splashing the lower legs of anyone unfortunate enough to be within a three foot radius. In circumstances such as these there are two options, get out of the way or join in. I've always been a bit of a 'joiner' so I choose the muddy puddles. 

The recent impressively inclement weather (read 'the worst storms to hit the British Isles in 70 years') also provide an excellent argument for donning rubber footwear, particularly for the office commute. Is there much worse than working in cold, damp socks all day? It doesn't have to pose a problem style wise either because fortunately there are a myriad colour ways to choose from so a fashion maven need not worry. Hunter are my go to brand for wellies. I seem to grow my collection annually. I have a well worn traditional green pair that I wear year round for gardening and for any country activity involving animals, also a red pair that scream "I"M WEARING WELLIES" to anyone in visual range*. This year I've come over all elegant and I'm hankering after a black pair. Please don't ask me why I need another pair of wellies. You may as well ask if I am done shoe shopping for this year. Joules have a fun take on fashion wellies, think pink polka dots and navy blue stripes, their children's wellies are particularly endearing. 

A final note for any nay sayers who mistakenly believe wellies are not warm enough for winter months; fleece welly warmer socks are deliciously cosy.

*do not wear to a shooting party, it's just not done.

'When wellies aren't enough'

Look 1: Wellies: Hunter Tweed Skirt: J. Crew (this one is sold out, find similar here and here).
Look 2: Denim: J.Crew Shirt: J.Crew Sweater: Des Petits Hauts Hat: Anthropologie (this is old, find similar here) Boots: Hunter Watch: Michael Kors Jewelery: all vintage
Look 3: earlier post 'County Tweed'

Look 1: Pink coat: J. Crew Pink wellies: TU Hat: sadly can't remember, but it's so cute!
Look 2: Hello Kitty wellies: no longer available but Amazon have a great selection  Grey top: TU no longer available (gorgeous alternatives here) Denim: J.Crew

Look 1: Yellow coat: Land's End (old) Blue wellies: TU 
Look 2: Gruffalo wellies: TU (find adorable alternatives here) Red coat: (a gift from a friend) Green trousers: H&M


  1. Cute blog! Love the wellies! (:

    Kelly x


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