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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dress by ASOS - similar here and I love this one
Shoes by Zara
Leather jacket by Muubaa from Feather & Stitch
Sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs
Belt - find similar here
Bracelet by Stella & Dot
All other jewelry is vintage

Last Saturday I met my sister, a lovely friend (whom we shall call tall blonde) and her new (very tall) boyfriend in Wandsworth, London. The idea was just to go for a few casual drinks, keep it low key and then head home. So naturally we ended up ordering tequilas and missing the last trains home. At some point mid-way through the evening (my sister had not yet arrived) the very tall boyfriend popped over to the bar to replenish our glasses; within a second of his departure tall blonde and I were accosted by 'young hedge fund guy' who also happened to be a Posh Rugger In Cream Khakis…

Tall blonde and I were bemused by his sudden appearance, we felt awkward however we politely engaged in chat. Young hedge fund guy quickly established the two tall people were dating and then continued to stand around awkwardly. Soon after tall blonde excused herself to go help with the drinks (read escape) young hedge fund guy admitted he was playing a bar game called 'awkward' and in fact he had been dared to come and talk to us by his team mates. Seriously?? Yep, apparently people do that. I'm not certain whether he won the game, as the whole experience was horribly awkward from start to finish or lost because he fessed up to the fact he was playing a game in the first place. I suggested he had played marvelously, it was clearly a huge win and he should definitely go and tell his team all about it.

Now, tall blonde was wearing jeans and a neutral draped shirt with booties, I was wearing black linen slacks from Anthropologie, a pink American Vintage vest and a cream linen blazer. Just very lovely going to the pub attire, not showy, fierce or overtly sexy; I do wonder though whether our casual outfits in some way encouraged this interaction? Would we have been singled out as approachable fodder for a pub game if one of us happened to be wearing the fierce LBD from ASOS in this post? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the subject. In the meantime I need to find somewhere new to drink.


  1. Argh so totally lovin this! Been dying to get the Zara shoes but they're out of my size :(

    1. Thanks Tiara, I was lucky they had mine when I ordered. I expect they'll be new season shoes out any day now. Race you to them!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Emma, it's been such a great find. Love ASOS!

  3. Hi lovely,
    I totally love these pictures!!Very inspirational

  4. Thanks Flavia, this dress inspires me too x


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