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Cut Flower Series: Tulips & Mother's Day Bouquets

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cut flowers have a natural ability to soften, lighten and bring freshness to interior space.
Wherever I live I plant tulips en masse. I love to watch the flowers glow in bright spring sunlight or against moody skies. They also have a very personal meaning for me. My Dad would plant them under my window every single year growing up, it's a reminder of the flowers he brought Mum on the day I was born, perfect white tulips. These viridiflora tulips look beautiful blooming in the back border, but I think they look even better brightening up the dresser in an antique vase.

If you're planning to give your mum flowers this Sunday (it's mother's day after all) and you don't have a garden bursting with flowers in bloom I suggest taking a peek at the beautiful bouquets on offer at Waitrose, they are simple to order in advance online and delivery is free.

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