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Weekend Wanderings

Wednesday, 19 March 2014
Last weekend I spent a glorious Sunday wandering around the gardens of RHS Wisley in Surrey with Bella & Bear. It's a short drive for me and at this time of year I always feel a pull to visit. Maybe it's the lengthening sunlight hours or the brazen flashes of yellow daffodils from every grass verge, but something calls me to go seek out spring. At this time of year in Devon I crave rampant nature, secluded walks, wild rivers and beaches with rock pools that change with each tide, but when in London I find my longings are more reserved; I want to see perfectly groomed lawns, neatly clipped box, tulips by the bucket load and magnolia, oh how I love magnolia. 

There's something a little naughty, even erotic about a magnolia in full bloom (it's not sweet and pretty like cherry blossom), it's vibrant, rugged and a blatant show. Magnolia are one of very few trees to flower without first putting on some leaves, it's like it's standing there saying 'Yep. This is me. I'm totally naked, but look... I got these!' So, because it's a tree and not a vile flasher you go to take a peek and wow, frankly nearly loose an eye on the sturdy stamen hidden within the silk-like petals. I have to say it's an unusual twist for uninitiated gardeners to find this fine looking protuberance in such an unexpected place. It brings to mind a comedy sketch where the beauty at the bar is not all she seems to be... so there you are, Magnolia the pre-op transexuals of the horticultural world. It's amazing where your mind can go while you're wandering around a garden.

If you dare to go further here is what we saw.

 The Lily Pond
Magnolia (close up)
Magnolia (close up)
Magnolia flowering on branches
 Trachycarpus fortunei under bare branches 
Cherry Blossom under the bluest spring sky
Perfect Tulips
 Phalaenopsis orchid in the glasshouse
Bella & Bear by the lily pond
Bella wears:
Skirt by Florence & Fred
Leggings by H&M (old)
Boots by Clarks (sold out)
T-shirt & fleece were gifts

Bear wears:
T-shirt and denim shorts by Florence & Fred
Shoes by Clarks (sold out)
Jacket is a wonderful hand-me-down from a dear friend

Seeking out adventures...


  1. What a wonderful day out, beautiful flowers and fresh air Lucy

    1. It was a perfect day. Can't wait to go back in three weeks to see all the tulips in bloom x

  2. Amazing photos - love the onew you took of the magnolia :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. It's beautiful isn't it, the colours are perfect x


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