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My Little Bloliday

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Well hello there. I've been on a bit of a bloliday for the last week and by that I mean it's the Easter school holidays and I have been living it large with Bella & Bear which leaves very little time to write. We spent last week in London catching up with friends we rarely have chance to see due to scheduling conflicts during term time and this week we are ensconced in deepest Devon again catching up with old friends and also celebrating my up coming birthday with family. I feel incredibly blessed, not least because the sun has reigned down on us so beautifully; Bear's freckles are out, Bella's hair has golden highlights, my Dad has ruined me with Chanel and I feel like the luckiest mummy in the world... happy times are ahead.

Oh and these signs in the Winking Prawn at North Sands, Devon always produce a juvenile giggle from me. I may be getting older but I show no signs of growing up.

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