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In Blues

Friday, 16 May 2014

Wearing top to toe Zara
Trousers (seem to be sold out online)
Shoes by Carvela (old, these are beautiful in blue)
Bag (old, I adore this one)
Watch by Bell & Ross
Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Yeah, I'm gonna be rocking a lot of florals and stripes this season it just feels like the right thing to do. 

This outfit is pretty much top-to-toe Zara. Wearing one brand all over isn't something I would do ordinarily but Zara being the A-mazing brand that they are they have taken all the effort out of the co-ordination struggle. The bag and shoes though... that's all me.

This is also an extremely wearable way for anyone without a perfect washboard tummy to work the cropped top look. I'll admit I pulled the 'eeeeiiiisssshhhh' face when I saw cropped tanks, bralets and midriff aplenty swanning down the runways but as with most extreme trends there is always a work around.  

Here the high waist and oodles of material (not to mention the print) draw the eye firmly away from the midsection; that high waist elongates the legs while the volume of material (that increases in width towards the foot) has the effect of making your hips look more slender. Bonus! The boxy shape of the cropped top is a counter balance to all the material in the trousers. The stripes pull the eye up, again away from the midsection. Coordinating the colours adds coherence, it's a nod to the matchy-matchy trend as well as big slap in the face to the same and well, it's just easy on the eye. I can't wait to wear this to the Chelsea flower show next week!


  1. Love this outfit...the trousers are a work of art! ;)

  2. I love this look! The stripes and florals look so good together.

    1. Thanks, I think the blues make it work. I'd think twice about doing it with clashing colours... but you never know ;) x

  3. I love the trousers! They were definitely made for you, it suits you so well!

    Saskia /

    1. Thanks Saskia, sadly they're sold out online so you'll need to stalk them in actual shops... fashion is such a chore ;) x

  4. This is so great! I am loving floaty pants at the moment!
    I really like how you combined two contrasting patterns by using the same colours. It ties the outfit together nicely! The blue also clashes (in a good way) with your hair! It makes both colours really stand out! This is a really nice outfit. And hey, so what if the outfit is all from Zara? Zara is awesome :)

    I styled a wide legged pair of teal silk pants here which you might like! :

    1. Floaty pants do feel right this season. It's making me curse the British summer though, it's not fun having wet ankles draped in fabric! x


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