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Maille Flavour Challenge #1

Sunday, 4 May 2014
In April I was very excited and fortunate to be invited to try La Maison Maille's new flavour range for a culinary challenge for food bloggers. I waited with anticipation for my ingredients to arrive and once they did the fun began in earnest. I've been experimenting with ideas and ingredients to create new recipes which I hope you will love, I certainly enjoyed eating the results.

Toasted Sourdough Steak Sandwich with Mini Gherkin Salsa

I've always loved gherkins. As a child I used to beg my friends for their gherkin slice when they came in burger buns. What I love about the these new mini gherkins from Maille is their delicate, sweet flavour and the crunch as I bite through them one-by-one, they are nothing like the slightly flacid vegetable I craved back then, still I wanted to recreate that experience but re-imagined for an adult palate.

You will need:
Two slices of sourdough bread for toasting
One beef frying steak
One large heritage style beef tomato
Vine ripened sweet cherry tomatoes (one vine of eight)
Root ginger (roughly two tbsp grated)
Five spring onions (chopped)
Two slices of Monterey Jack cheese
A pinch of sea salt and black pepper

Prepare the salsa in advance. Roughly chop the tomatoes, spring onions, 3/4 of the gherkins and combine them on a chopping board. Add the grated ginger to taste and season with a pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon but too much will drown the delicate flavour of the gherkins and ginger, I left it out. Set aside for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavours to come out.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan over a high heat. When the oil is hot add the steak to the pan, it should sizzle when it hits the pan. I like my steak rare so I cooked it for two minutes on each side. I added sea salt and cracked black pepper corns as it cooked. If you prefer your steak more well done just increase the cooking time to suit your preference. Once cooked transfer the steak to a chopping board to rest for five minutes, put the sliced cheese on to the steak to allow it to melt. You can add the cheese to the steak one minute before you remove it from the heat if you like your cheese thoroughly melted.

Toast the sourdough. Place the rested steak and cheese onto one slice of toasted sourdough, top with a generous helping of gherkin salsa before sandwiching with the remaining sourdough. Slice into two and enjoy while warm. The juice from the steak and salsa drips into the bread softening it as you eat. Save the remaining salsa to enjoy with fresh tortilla chips and an ice cold beer when you put your feet up that evening.


  1. Mmmh, this looks so delicious. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. That salsa looks scrummy - Im glad I still have some of mine left :)


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