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Simple Strawberry Shake

Thursday, 15 May 2014
Easter was especially great for two reasons this year. The first was because my birthday fell on Easter Sunday so I had a whole extra day of the weekend to celebrate, which I used to great effect by staying in bed to get over the celebrations. The second was because my kids shared their chocolate... ok so I ate it while they were sleeping (like you don't). 

The thing is now, four weeks after the event I am still craving sweet things like a zombie craves brains. The craving hits me at 3pm, I shoo it away with a fortifying cup of tea and some toast with honey. It starts up again around 4pm when Bella & Bear are deep into snack time, I'm hovering by the fridge pandering to their whims when I find myself suckered into a Crunch Corner style yoghurt (the kind with a chocolate side) or at least two Tunnocks Teacakes (I am a whore for those things. The shiny wrapper... the mallow, the biscuit layer... ahhhhhhh!! Yes I want to put you in my mouth and so forth). An early supper thankfully handles those unsavoury desires and kills off the craving until 9pm after which I make routine trips to the kitchen to open cupboards, the freezer, drawers (the kids lunch boxes) searching for something ANYTHING to keep the sugar cravings at bay. I think you'll agree that this has gotten a little out of control. So in an attempt to make better choices I've bought a super little smoothie maker, the Breville Blend Active.

So far we are getting on well. I love that I don't have to transfer the smoothie into another bottle once it's blended, you just change the blades for a lid and off you go, so easy. It comes with some helpful recipe ideas too which I'm sure I will try out in the near future. For now I am sticking with simple blended fruit and milk; yes I added a teaspoon (or two) of sugar to this one but these are early days. I need to learn to crawl before I can walk. I'll be blending curly kale and cucumber by the end of June... hahahahahahahaha!!! No I don't believe me either. The chocolate ice-cream shakes I made for the kids today looked so darn good. Damn it.


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