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The Bedroom Strip

Monday, 23 June 2014
When I moved back into my London home last year I decided to redecorate the entire house (in a week) to make it my space, as opposed to our old space. Not sure what to say about that except that when an idea takes hold of me I am highly motivated to complete the task. It felt important and right to change the decor post separation, it helped me with the process of moving back but also with moving on. A year on I'm really happy with choices I made, except in the master bedroom where I chose a very pale blue light striped wallpaper for the wall behind the headboard. It looks fine, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it and it tones in perfectly with the glass doors of the double wardrobe; it's just uninspiring and frankly a bit bland. The thing is, I don't do bland. Life is too short for bland food, bland friends, bland chat, bland clothes and bland decor. Life is beautiful and inspiring and our homes should be a reflection of this.

Last week's post about how to use colour and wallpaper to reflect light in the darkest corners of a house was the catalyst for research into acceptable, more interesting alternatives. I'm still mulling over the choices but I think I'm settling on either the jade Seraille wallpaper (I love the pure saturated hue fading into a dreamy pale pastel and I think it will look A-mazing with an ikat inspired material I have in mind for the blinds.) or the Tatami Stripe. What do you think?

(available in 8 colour ways)
(available in 3 colour ways)
(available in 10 colour ways)
(available in 8 colour ways)
(available in 6 colour ways)


  1. I like 2 & 5. Whew, you've got a task ahead if ya. I hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks Leslie, I agree I think they're my favourite too.


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