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Eggs Benedict with Grilled Chorizo

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Having breakfast with the family at the weekend is one of my favourite rituals. I love those lazy mornings when we just hang out in the kitchen in our PJs, not rushing anywhere. Bella loves to set the table especially pouring the OJ and milk into glass jugs. Her eyes widen at the mere mention of bacon, while Bear is most definitely a pancake man. My perfect weekend breakfast food is eggs benedict. Often I add a little hot sauce and paprika over the top of the hollandaise sauce to give it a kick of spice. Then I spotted this idea in the summer edition of the Waitrose magazine. It's so simple, just add a layer of thinly sliced grilled chorizo to the toasted muffin and top with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce as normal. Utterly delicious.

I've tried poaching eggs numerous ways in the past, but I've found the best way to get a restaurant perfect result every time is with a proper egg poaching pan. I bought mine from Williams-Sonoma, it's a heavy non-stick pan with customised egg-poaching cups. It has a glass lid so you can watch the eggs as they cook and even better still... it's dishwasher safe. For those who don't know, Williams-Sonoma is the quintessential American purveyor of gourmet cookware. It is a household name in the States and they now deliver worldwide (£10 flat rate to the UK). Yay! Yummy eggs for everyone.


  1. Having breakfast as a family on a lazy weekend is the best. Not a great fan of eggs benedict but could swap out with scrambled egg and love chorizo Lucy

  2. I haven't had Eggs Benedict for years! I need to make this asap! Ax


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