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Gone Boating

Thursday, 31 July 2014
There's no feeling quite like being out on the water. There's the liberation at pulling away from the quay, the exhilaration of pushing the throttle out and feeling the bow lift slightly as the wake gets ever more frothy. I love the thrill that comes with finding an isolated cove, dropping anchor and just bobbing in the water while waves splish-splash against the side. 

The last time I took Bella & Bear out on the water was in Salcombe. They were both very young and honestly Bear was too frightened to enjoy it so we cut the jaunt short, returned to shore and left it for a year a two. Well what a difference a few years makes. This time round he jumped on board with a smile a mile wide and pretended to be a pirate for the next two hours blowing his whistle, shouting 'land-ho', 'aye-aye Captain' and calling Grandpa a scurvy sea-dog whenever there was a lull in conversation. Bella loved jumping the wake from other boats and tried to catch the sea spray but in the end the excitement was too much for her and she slept for the last twenty minutes home. 

For me this is exactly what summer is about. Spending quality time together as a family, making memories and watching my children's faces light up when they try something new. 

Bella & Bear wore Mini Boden and Clarks shoes (mainly obscured by life jackets).
I wore:
Denim shorts by Gap
Oversized t-shirt from Anthropologie (old, find similar here)
Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch by Bell & Ross
Sandals by Miss KG
The last English pub in Cornwall...


  1. totally agree about the water fun :)
    You should do what feels right to you and dont care about what others say or think :)
    I am your Newest Follower, Follow back to return the Love and Support <3 will Appreciate it :)

  2. Absolutely stunning photos, looks like a great day out!


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