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Wednesday, 2 July 2014
Some brands have the ability to capture a moment in time, even if that moment is yet to come you know it will exist, that it will excite and thrill you when it happens and you want to run to it with arms wide. Coco Chanel could do this, she gave the world what it needed before it even knew it wanted change. Once we become aware of this desire it can render us desperate, utterly desperate to become part of it. So it is with me and the new pre-fall collection by Tibi

If I were to come face to face with this collection today it could get ugly. I can picture myself crouched in the dreamy changing area surrounded by ice cream coloured pastels and the occasional flash of black leather clutching at the clothes with a wild look in my eye as the kindly (yet deservedly worried) assistant looks knowingly at her colleague and whispers "we've got another one". I'm not sure I could leave a single piece behind.

Take the leather skirt and cami, add the Anita Ko Gradient Pearl Necklace and a pair of strappy black sandals and you are September-ready to party. So ahead of the curve it hurts.

Pink was the colour to wear in AW13 and it's not going away for AW14, but the sweetness is tempered with perfectly hued mint this time around. If head-to-toe pastels aren't your cup of tea wear them with contrasting black pieces for a modern, slightly badass look (as pictured above).

Eeny meeny miny moe... Aaaarrrrrrghhh! Idea for a new reality TV show: 'Can't Choose, Won't Choose'.

If you want this as much as I do it's available online at Tibi.

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