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De-cluttering the make-up drawer

Friday, 29 August 2014

I don't post about beauty often but this one is important and if like me you have drawers, nay boxes filled with make-up you rarely use this is the post for you, because what I didn't realise (until I started reading some very cool beauty blogs) is that like any perishable product, make-up has a shelf life. 

Typically I have two or three mascara tubes open at any given time. I have eye make up palettes and lipsticks aplenty dating back to before I got married (2006), and a large number of foundations that I've bought on a whim. Sound familiar? Well I've made a decision. It has to go. This de-gunk isn't just about streamlining my dressing table or daily grooming habits though; out of date products can contain unhealthy levels of bacteria and although it's highly unlikely it will make you sick (unless you count pink eye) it can cause skin irritation and break outs.

Here's a quick run down of how often you should renew your products:
Mascara - 4 months!
Concealer - 12 months.
Foundation - water based 12 months, oil based 18 months.
Cream or gel facial cleansers - 12 months.
Powder - 2 years.
Nail varnish - 1 year (up to 2 years if kept in the fridge).
Pencil eye liner - 3 years when sharpened often.
Lip liner - 3 years.
Lipstick - up to 4 years (if it starts to smell rancid throw it out).

Don't forget to wash brushes every three months, rinse out sponges weekly and discard them after a month.

And here is my new streamlined make-up palette and skin care regime for  AW14. I'm sticking to a neutral/ smoky eye palette from Barry M, giving my nails an edgier look with a shiny black varnish, but keeping the overall look feminine with a soft pink blush. Here's to 5 minute makeup routines this autumn!

Barry M Natural Pallet & black nail varnish from Boots (also available at Superdrug)
Dermalogica products are available online or from any good beauty salon

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