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Using a wireless remote clicker to take beautiful photographs for your blog

Wednesday, 20 August 2014
Recently a few readers have taken an interest in how I take pictures for Bella & Bear. So I thought it only right to take the time to answer this fully in the hope that it will be useful resource to others wishing to improve their images.

Firstly I use a Nikon D3100, it's a great digital SLR (DSLR) for a fledgling photographer being both easy to use and affordable. I use the lens it came with which is a VR 18-55mm; although recently I have been considering investing in a new lens for close up shots over all I am very happy with the results I achieve using the standard lens. I also subscribe to a photography blog which is enormously informative.

When it comes to taking style shots I wish I had a photographer to help me, working in a team is great creatively and can seriously cut down on shooting time, especially if the photographer brings an assistant who can hold a light reflector or fix last minute outfit details and are skilled enough to suggest dropping a shoulder or lifting your chin. However I don't have this kind of help, I do all the photography and styling for the blog myself.  When I first started blogging I used the self timer function on the camera but found this to be a massive time suck. Going back and forth to the camera, trying to stand in the right spot to stay in focus and keep the clothes looking good in a 15 second time frame is NOT easy. Bravo to any blogger out there who manages this way. Having worked with photographers in the past I knew there was a simple solution. So I bought a compatible wireless shutter remote and acquired a number of tripods and a GorillaPod from Amazon. 

Using a camera mounted on a tripod and a wireless shutter remote allows me to set up for a shoot in minutes and then take 100+ photographs in a very short time frame. There is a small receiver that attaches to the top of camera. Being able to move naturally while taking shots is a huge advantage and increases the choice of pictures available for editing. You can even make fun GIFS with the images if you use the continuous shooting mode. The only difficulties are hiding the remote from view (but this is accomplished by discretely placing it behind a bag or in your hand out of shot) and coping with windy conditions which can scatter the signal if you are too far away from the receiver attached to the camera.

You can see the discreet remote in my hand in this picture.

Of course if you go out to shoot in a busy street scene there is the possibility that some rogue will make off with your camera and tripod leaving you bereft. It's because of this that I choose to photograph my style posts at home or in remote locations.

Once I am satisfied with the shots (and I take a lot) I download them to Picasa for editing. For pictures intended for the blog I keep the filters to a minimum so that they retain their natural quality, but for Instagram I often use the online PixLr Editor to add a little polish to the image. It's a quick way to add text or create a collage too.

That's it. I hope this is useful. My last word of advice on this subject is to take care where you leave the wireless shutter remote, they are quite small and I've recently misplaced mine which is why I haven't published a style post in two weeks... thankfully a new one is on it's way. I love you Amazon!!
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