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Back to School Blues

Sunday, 14 September 2014
You know the tune, now sing it sister! 
(Scroll down for pics and miss out the fun stuff).

I woke up this morning, the leaves had turned brown, 
I woke up this morning and began to frown.
It's not even 6.30 my kids are running wild.
Not EVEN 6.30, God Damn You Child!

I got the, back to school blues.

Two weeks last Sunday, I was layin' by the pool.
Two weeks last Sunday, my life was cool.
Now I'm dodging scooters, on the school run,
Gettin' hit in the ankle, by someone else's son.

Oh I got the, back to school blues.

Take a look in the mirror,  my face is a fright,
Oh Lord please help me, I look like shiiiiiite.
Open my closet, it fills me with dread,
What the f*uck was I thinking, when I bought these threads?

I've got the back school blues.

The mums at the gate, yeah they all look so fresh.
All I want is coffee, I'll just sling on this dress.
I go to make breakfast all I get is attitude.
They won't eat no breakfast...
So I got the, Back to School Bluuuuuues.
Dress by Cos
Shoes by Zara (old)
Bag by Mulberry
Watch by Bell & Ross
Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs (old)
Lyrics by Me

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  1. Love this look! That dress looks so stylish and I bet it's comfy too.


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