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Follow Your Dreams

Sunday, 16 November 2014
It's a simple suggestion to follow your dreams, to take an idea or a concept that you love and let it lead you to where you're supposed to be; but at what point does a suggestion become a profound inspirational notion and how many of us have the courage to turn our dreams into a reality? 

It's said that dreamers just need someone to believe in them and while that may be true I prefer to think it's through a strong sense of self-belief and self-worth that we accomplish our goals. For what are our dreams if not wonderings of our own unrealised potential? For me it's the act of writing that starts the process. I take a thought and make it real on a page, I may not share it at first hoping to add substance and form before I let it loose into the world but in that moment, that small beginning, something new is created and my idea becomes tangible.

When I was younger I would scribble such thoughts on random bits of paper. The inevitable result was a disorganised assortment of ramblings strewn across binders and often lost in drawers. They were impossible to work with and therein lies the point, dreams will only be dreams until you work at them. Great achievements rarely happen by accident, they are more usually the result of hard-won frustrations fought over time and witnessed by the people that believe in you. It's for this reason that we should invest in the friendships that hold us up and invest in where we put our dreams. 

So dream big, fail often but be gracious in defeat, love your friends, believe in yourself and then continue to work your ass off to get where you want to be.

This beautiful leather notepad has been gifted to me by Smythson. It's from their Panama collection and it smells of adventure. 

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